(Ventura County Area)

Be Free Dog Training Linda MallutBased in Ventura & Oxnard, Linda Mallut has spent most of her adult life working with, and training dogs.

For over 10 years she served as a Puppy Raiser for Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, CA. In that capacity, she spent 24 months with each puppy teaching them basic obedience, socialization and control in public situations. The puppies lived with Linda and her family and went everywhere she went.

When one of the puppies she raised couldn’t become a guide dog, due to size, Linda took the dog back to live with her. She made the switch from trainer to spokesperson for Guide Dogs of America. For years, Linda and her dog Zamber were the faces of the organization, covering the area with presentations and demonstrations. Everyone knew Linda Mallut and her dog, and Guide Dogs of America.

After adopting a dog from Westside German Shephard Rescue, Linda went looking for a method of training that would allow her dog Ellee to run unfettered along the beaches near their home. She found renowned trainer Allen Burnsworth, then of Sit Means Sit Los Angeles, and the Off Leash, Remote Collar method. Linda was so impressed with the results with Ellee, she approached Allen about learning to train dogs using his method. She spent over 9 months as an intern with Allen, learning all the details and specifics of the Off Leash, Remote Collar method and began training dogs under his tutelage.

Linda has spent the last several years as a solo trainer, taking on her own clients under Allen’s business. After training over 100 dogs, in 2017 she made the move to open her own dog training business, BE FREE Dog Training. BE FREE is not just the name of the business, it is the release phrase Linda uses to end training sessions with the dogs. She throws her arms wide and tells the dogs to “Be Free” which is the command that tells the dogs they are released from training and allowed to run and play under her watchful eyes.

To learn more about BE FREE Dog Training’s method and see the results, check out the videos on the website. For more information or a free consultation, complete the form on our contact page.


(Los Angeles Area)
Amber started training and working with dogs at a very young age. While always having a family pet in the house, she knew that a well-trained dog could go everywhere with the family, even camping! This lead her to training her family’s dogs in outdoors and public places so they could accompany them anywhere they went.

Amber took her passion for working with dogs and turned it into a career when she joined Sit Means Sit Los Angeles. She also received personalized training from Allen Burnsworth. She received a dog training certificate from Sit Means Sit Las Vegas. Amber used that training to be part of Allen’s business before moving to Be Free Dog Training. Amber’s philosophy and our training methods are a perfect match.


(Woodland Hills Area)

Shirley runs one of our Board and Review locations. She is a life-long dog lover and is great at making sure all the dogs are behaving and remembering their manners. Shirley makes certain that every dog gets the love and attention they would if they were home with their parent(s).

It is a tossup as to who has a better time at this facility, Shirley or the dogs.