Off Leash, Remote Collar Training! What does it mean and what does it do? It means that at BE FREE Dog Training, our training programs utilize collars that are programed to provide a slight tap when the remote button is pressed. In no way is the dog harmed by this. In fact, it feels more like a tickle on the back of the neck.

We use the remote collar because we believe in attention-based training. Your dog is trained to know that when they feel the tap on their collar, to give you their attention and follow your command. Once the dog learns the tapping is the equivalent of your voice they will look to for guidance/command. Successful training must include the dog paying attention to you. The remote collar gives you the ability to get your dog’s attention even when they can’t see or hear you.

“We received progress pictures and videos of Diana’s training and her fun days without us during that week. Linda set up the incredible foundation and trained my wife and I as well in using the collar when returned to pick Diana up. Diana loves the collar. The collar means fun, and off leash freedom.”
Andrew and Leah and Diana, Ventura CA

BE FREE Dog Training offers a complete selection of training services that will allow your dog to be a fully-included member of your family.

  • Instant recall
  • Walk without pulling
  • Confidence building
  • Door manners
  • Sit and stay
  • Car manners
  • No jumping
  • Socialization

training dog obedience

  • No biting
  • Place
  • Potty training
  • Leash manners
  • Crate training
  • Advanced Off Leash training
  • And more…just ask!

At BE FREE Dog Training we offer different programs to meet your dogs’ needs. The length of our programs is based on our free evaluation and consultation with you and your dog. All the BE FREE Dog Training programs use the Off Leash, Remote Collar method.

(our most effective training program)
  • Live with Trainer!
  • Individualized Training
  • Field Trips
  • Picture/Video updates
  • Lifetime phone consultation – text or call
  • Refresher courses
7-Days, 10-Days, 14-Days
Based on the evaluation of your dog

During your dog’s stay, he will be trained one-on-one on a planned schedule. This repetition and new work keeps your dog’s attention and ensures that they understand what is expected of them. All dogs are trained for a cumulative time of hours per day. There are field trips with the trainer’s family and for training in the community. Local parks, stores and open spaces are used in training so that your dog is trained to be in a variety of places and situations. Once your dog is trained, you will be able to take them with you and enjoy the freedom of knowing you and your dog can enjoy all the community has to offer.

Before the end of training, the trainer will schedule your dog’s return. At this session, the trainer will review your dog’s training and teach you the skills to become the new leader. When your dog is returned to you, control is transferred to you. Our trainer will teach you how to have and keep control over your dog. Get ready for comments from people you meet about what a well-trained dog you have.

off leash puppy training


We offer Board and Review to our alumni and those of Sit Means Sit Los Angeles at our Ventura, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles locations.  If you are going out of town, or feel your dog needs a vacation and training reminder, you can book a Board and Review session.  We are happy to take care of them while you are away and provide a training refresher course.

This service is available only to dogs trained by Be Free or former clients of Sit Means Sit Los Angeles.

Contact Shirley at (818) 321-7709 or [email protected] for more information and to make a reservation.

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