Is not just the name of our company, it is the goal of our BE FREE Dog Training Services. The BE FREE program is planned so that both you and your dog will experience the freedom that comes from knowing you are in command and your dog views you as the leader. You will be able to control your dog’s behavior and get their attention even when they cannot see or hear you.


At BE FREE Dog Training in Ventura County and Los Angeles, dogs aren’t just pets, they are members of our families.  That is why our Board & Train program has your dog living with our family during training.  No outside crates or kennels for our trainees!  Each dog is socialized in our home with people and other dogs.  If your dog is allowed on the furniture at your home, then the dog is trained to be on the furniture in our home.  Don’t want the dog on the furniture?  Then we train to stay off the furniture.  No matter what the rules of your home are, Be Free trains your dog to be part of the family.

dogs trained to interact with the family


We all loved field trips when we were in school – dogs are no different. They love being out in public, seeing new things, experiencing unusual locations, meeting new people. BE FREE Dog Training dogs are trained in public. Whether on our local beach or out to dinner with the family – your dog goes where we go. From the local park to the home improvement store to the family optician, we take the dogs out to train them in public manners. They learn to behave in public and in the car. Imagine knowing that your dog can go in the car with you and will just sit and watch the scenery go by. Quiet, peaceful, enjoyable.

trained with field trips to public places


Every good parent wants progress reports on their student’s training.  BE FREE Dog Training provides picture and video updates on your dog’s progress.  You will get to see how your dog is doing along the way.